Cryogenic preservation of human egg cells and embryos

An overview of current techniques and success rates

Cryogenic preservation of human eggs and embryos has revolutionized the field of assisted reproductive technologies, offering new hope and possibilities to individuals and couples looking to start a family. In the following, the latest cryopreservation techniques are presented and the remarkable success rates in preserving these valuable reproductive cells are explained.

1️⃣ Vitrification:
Vitrification has established itself as the gold standard for the cryopreservation of egg cells and embryos. In this rapid freezing method, the reproductive cells are cooled to a glass-like state by ultra-fast cooling without the formation of ice crystals. Vitrification minimizes cell damage, maintains the viability of the egg cells and embryos and ensures high survival rates during thawing. The exceptional success rates achieved with vitrification have made it the preferred method in modern reproductive medicine.

2️⃣ Slow freezing:
Even though vitrification dominates the field, slow freezing techniques still have their place in certain circumstances. Slow freezing involves controlled cooling rates that allow the gradual removal of water from the cells while minimizing the formation of ice crystals. Although slow freezing is slower and less efficient than vitrification, it is still relevant in certain cases, e.g. when limited resources or specific patient needs require its use. Ongoing research and development is aimed at refining slow freezing protocols and further improving success rates.

👉 Success rates and clinical outcomes: The remarkable advances in cryopreservation techniques have been reflected in impressive success rates and positive clinical outcomes. In vitrification, survival rates of over 90% have been reported for both oocytes and embryos. In addition, pregnancy rates using cryopreserved eggs and embryos are comparable to those of fresh cycles, offering individuals and couples flexibility in timing and better chances of success. The widespread adoption of cryopreservation has revolutionized fertility preservation, donor programs and family planning, giving people more confidence in their reproductive journey.

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Join us as we celebrate the incredible advances in cryogenic preservation of human eggs and embryos that are changing lives and reshaping the future of reproductive medicine. Together, we are paving the way for even higher success rates and better outcomes, enabling people to fulfill the joy of starting a family.